Отзывы туристов об отелях и Гостевых домах Шри Ланки

28 Ноя 2012

We stayed four nights. The room was good and clean despite the fact that our warm water was not working. No problem, if you have 35°C outside.
It was interesting, that the manager strongly recommended to put money and valuables in a safe that should be accessible at every time.

We did so since we wanted to go diving without carrying everything on the boat and of course it was not accessible when we needed it. So we were trapped with no money to go to Galle as planned and no credit cards to get money for the diving school. The only information we got was, that someone with a key would be around in the evening.
What can you do? We told the manager later, that this caused a lot of trouble for us but he did not even apologize for the inconvenience. He simply said that we should be happy that only he has a key. This guy really trusts his staff.

30 Ноя 2012

Great boutique hotel in Unawatuna. Very nice appointed rooms, with large veranda looking out onto the beach. Definitely the most posh place to stay in Unawatuna. Kingfisher restaurant is very well known also for it's great food. On the weekends it can get a little noisy if there is a party going on but in general very peaceful. We had a wonderful time here!

02 Дек 2012

Чудесный уютный отель с очень дружелюбным персоналом . Очень вкусная еда в ресторане. Месторасположение отеля- супер. До океана - рукой подать, а территория отеля - настоящие джунгли. Нравится все. Еще сюда хочется приехать.

03 Дек 2012

Хотела бы поделиться впечатлениями. Отдыхали с молодым человеком в ноябре 2012. Отличное место.
Нам очень понравилась территория, красивый сад.
Хорошее обслуживание, персонал очень приветливый, всегда готов помочь.
Готовят очень хорошо.
Жить в отдельной кабане очень приятно, есть горячая вода.
До океана пройти совсем близко.На мой взгляд- лучший гестхаус в унаватуне.

08 Дек 2012

хороший отель с басейном но шум отовсюду(а мы к тишине очень требовательные!!!) нас выгнал в отель РокХаус неподалеку. сервис неплохой. персонал приветливый. похожи на цыган. в отеле видели обезян и кролика ручного, ящериц и буркндучков. рчдом какой то храм где живут собаки котрые каждую ночь воют лают мешая спать :( . однако кто не боится шума - может смело к ним ехать. вряд ли пожалеете.

11 Дек 2012

We stayed at Shangri La (now called Kahuna Club) in October 2012. The grounds are lovely and it's a nice setting. The price quoted to us for a room was very reasonable, since it was the low season. But beware of the owner!

The Kahuna Club has a dog. My husband and I were having breakfast on the veranda a few days after we arrived (we were the only people there at this time since it was low season) and the owner came by and stuck a shovelful of dog feces in our faces at the breakfast table and said, "See what I have to put up with!" Needless to say, we were flabbergasted and told him it was disgusting.

We also witnessed the owner yelling at his staff in front of guests when they did something he didn't like, instead of taking them into the office and closing the door.

On October 25, we were having dinner (and the food was very good there). The owner was also having dinner with a friend at the next table. It was just the 4 of us and the cooks. After dinner, my husband asked the owner a question about what kind of wifi package he had as the wifi was not always great. My husband told the owner that maybe he should look into getting an upgrade to provide better service. Then my husband asked the owner why he didn't have a suggestion box. The owner said that he was the suggestion box and I said that people don't like to complain in person. They like the anonymity of filling out a card for a suggestion box. The owner also said that he had traveled to a lot more hotels than we had and he had never seen those cards. My husband then said that if he (meaning the owner) hadn't learned anything in all of his travels, he shouldn't be in the business. With that the owner yelled in a loud voice that this conversation is now over, that he was tired of it, that all we do is complain and if we didn't like it we could leave. We got up to leave and as we passed his table my husband reminded him about the shovelful of dog feces incident and with that the owner got up and pushed my husband in the back. My husband turned around and the owner pushed his hand in my husband's face (that's assault), stuck his finger in my husband's face while making a fist and saying, "I'm going to f___ing beat the crap out of you". My husband said, "I'm not going to touch you, but if you hit me I'll see you in court." The owner still wasn't backing down, still forming a fist so I stepped in between him and my husband and said to the owner, "You are not going to do this."

The next day we moved to another guest house in Unawatuna. We also filed a police report with the Habaradua Police Dept.

The staff was always very nice to us. The manager, Lakmali, the chefs, Ruwan and Ravi, were great. We have no complaints with them.

We have never stayed anywhere where we were treated like this. He is a disgrace to the hotel and travel industry in Sri Lanka.

11 Дек 2012

We kept referring to Kingfisher as our little piece of paradise. It was definitely one of, if not the best hotels on our Sri Lankan trip. Unawatuna is a very special place and has a real surf, beach vibe to it - a little like Byron Bay in Australia (we are Australian). Kingfisher topped our stay! From the moment you arrive in the beautifully designed open air foyer, to the direct beach access, to the beautifully appointed rooms, the spectacular views, friendly staff and hosts, outstanding and delicious food to the perfect beach! Everything was perfect. On our final night, one of the lovely staff members surprised us by romantically filling our room with perfectly positioned flowers on our bed and candles lit.....an absolute delight to come home to and such a representation of their service levels and commitment to guests. It really stands out as one of the best places I have stayed in all my years of travel. We are already planning a trip back in April 2013!

A big shout out to all the amazing staff and hosts at Kingfisher, you made our stay even more special!! 2 nights was not enough, we cannot wait for April!

In reference to previous reviews, yes the beach has eroded, but it doesn't effect swimming or sun bathing. We both agreed it was one of the best beaches we have visited world wide!! It was idyllic. There are no doors to the bathroom, but it is part of the charm and didn't bother us as a couple. The hotel is positioned perfectly away from the busier side of the beach meaning it was tranquil and peaceful, and if we wanted some action, it was a nice 5 minute walk!

I cannot fault this hotel.

03 Янв 2013

Останавливались в этом отеле в начале декабря.Очень доброжелательный персонал.Отличное расположение на пляже, в стороне от шума.Уютный номер / Nr.5/ с балконом и боковым видом на океан.Просыпались под шум океана.Мини бар, кондиционер, горячая вода.Убирали в номере каждый день.Прекрасная кухня в ресторане, вкусные свежайшие морепродукты.Прекрасный отель.Очень дружеская обстановка.
А пляж в Unawatune нам не понравился/ после пляжей Таиланда и Филиппин/, и вечером там делать нечего.

06 Янв 2013

After a nice swim, this place provided a good respite from the sun (while still being on the beach) and an amazing lunch. The grilled calamari and the prawn curry are both excellent! Service may be a little slow. It is a beach-shack after all.

15 Янв 2013

Since more than 5 years we, a family of 3, have chosen Kahuna Club (formerly known as Shangri-La) as our Number 1 place in UNAWATUNA. We discovered this gem in December 2006 and since then we always came back! We just returned from this year´s X-Mas holiday and useless to say: It was again a perfect holiday. We felt like home. Kahuna Club is still a quiet oasis in the buzzling heart of Unawatuna, where one can relax and enjoy the hospitality of Mally and his staff. The Cabanas are beautiful and equipped with basically everyting you need! Still, if you look for a 5 Star Hotel.....Kahuna Club is not the right place.....you get what you pay for. But if you look for a nice, quiet and affordable accommodation in Unawatuna, go for it!

19 Янв 2013

We had booked other budget accommodation, but when we arrived it was smelly and very basic and more expensive than advertised (and no en-suite). We found the Kahuna Club ( ex Shang ri la) by accident and found it to be clean comfortable and excellent value. The staff and proprietor couldn't have been more accommodating and the garden setting was blissful. There was room for our driver to park and the food was excellent. I cannot recommend this hotel more highly.

19 Янв 2013

Nous avons eu du mal à trouver cette guesthouse (plutôt un petit hôtel d'ailleurs !) car elle avait changé de nom entre la réservation et notre arrivée mais personne ne nous avait prévenus.
A notre arrivée, heureusement que j'avais imprimé les échanges de mails car nous ne figurions pas dans les réservations ?!
Le vaste jardin et la terrasse sont très agréables.
Le personnel serviable mais sans plus.
Concernant la chambre (au rez-de-chaussée, dans le bâtiment principal), évitez-la ! Elle est un peu bruyante et la salle n'est pas terrible (nous avons en plus eu un problème d'odeurs nauséabondes à cause d'une fuite sur les toilettes).
Globalement un peu déçue mais c'est aussi peut-être dû au fait d'être dans une station balnéaire complètement touristique après plus de deux semaines passées dans des endroits plus authentiques du Sri Lanka.

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