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Tranquil, homely gem of a place
arshadsir... [TA], , Karachi, Pakistán

I found Peacock Ayurveda Garden after extensive research on the Internet to find the ideal Ayurveda and panchkarma resort. I was not disappointed. In fact I am delighted to have chosen this place for a 15-days treatment for my wife and me. From the time I contacted Asta, the co-owner, the booking and the other administrative matters were handled most efficiently but her. The place is a gem. Tucked in lush jungle nestled in hills, the beautiful and landscaped little resort exudes an ambience of peace, quiet and nature at its most serene. The 8-bedroom facility, has a little dining room, kitchen, sitting area, verandas, and of course the swimming pool with the iconic mango tree, beside it. The tree was laden with mangoes kissing the lush green lawns. There are also a few treatment rooms, a cabana and a shed for yoga around the house. The rooms are spacious, airy and very clean. Although lack of air conditioning was a little daunting in the first two days of our stay, we soon started liking the heat and humidity. We later realized that the heat was necessary to help rid the body of toxins. The doctors, the therapists, the kitchen staff and the other support staff are the most competent, courteous, cheerful and helpful persons I have ever come across in any one place. It was impossible to fault anyone for anything whatsoever. In fact everyone literally went out of their way to meet our needs, requirements and wishes to the best of their ability. Both my wife and I are most satisfied with our stay at Peacock Garden and feel much healthier and happier. We are already looking forward to our next visit.

Perfect place for Panchakarma
rebeccab5... [TA], , Ireland

After months of searching for a place to undergo Panchakarma, I found Peacock Ayurveda Garden. I was very excited about going to the resort and had high expectations - all of which were met! Every part of the stay was truly wonderful and I feel lucky to have spent three weeks here. From the restorative morning yoga and in-depth doctors consultations to the fantastic therapists and delicious meals, I left an entirely satisfied customer. The resort is very comfortable with clean, spacious rooms, a lovely swimming pool and free wifi. There is ample space to relax with herbal tea and take in the beautiful Sri Lankan flora and fauna that take shelter in the garden. I left feeling happier, healthier and wondering when I will return!

Peaceful and beautiful
globecour... [TA], , Geneva, Switzerland

I have chosen to stay at the Peacock Ayurveda Garden after reading all the great reviews on TripAdvisor. It was the right choice: my stay has been amazing.

Asta, the owner, has been very helpful with the booking and answered all my questions quickly. She organised the transfer from/to the airport for me, as well as excursions during my stay.

The hotel is simple yet comfortable and beautiful. The garden is a delight. Food is delicious. All the people working there are great at their job and very friendly and helpful. They made me feel home after a few days.

The ayuvedic treatments are supervised by very good doctors. Several guests told me they where coming all the way from their countries just because of the doctor! The treatments themselves are given by very professional and experienced therapists.

After two weeks, I just turned into melted butter! I had not felt as relaxed and rested for years. Looking forward to go back next year!

Place to find your true self
LaisveBas... [TA], , Vilnius, Lithuania

What can I say… It was really absolutely terrific stay. Tranquility and peace in a beautiful garden surrounded by a jungle, every day massage and other treatments, yoga, delicious food, sincere smiles… Nature sounds, inner music… My Vata (it’s Ayurvedic dosha ☺) reduced and I enjoy calm awareness and gentle peace. And all it happened in one week! Can you imagine what could happen if I have a chance to prolong my detox vacation to normal two or three weeks stay! I know I can fly! Not kidding, absolutely serious ☺.
I was really amazed how Ayurvedic doctors diagnosed my health condition. They diagnosed my thyroid and herniated disc problems…by pulse beats and tongue. And it was absolutely accurate diagnosis…
In one week I became a totally new person! I feel lighter, more joyful, my constipation gone, gas problems disappeared and I got back my happy gut feeling ☺.
Peacock Ayurveda Garden is a real gem in a jungle, serenity in the midst of world turbulence. It’s Lord of the Rings, Lord of the Rings in the Sri Lankan jungle…
It is not a getaway. It gave me the ability to realize my true nature in everyday life. It gave me an understanding that I don’t need to be a recluse in a cave to find inner peace. I just need to find few weeks in a year to come to Sri Lanka and have my real self back.
Eva Tombak, Lithuania

Отличное место для тела и души!
Anatolyzi... [TA], , St. Petersburg, Russia

Это был лучший медовый месяц! Тихое, спокойное, уютное место, где можно закрыться от всей суеты. Спасибо всему персоналу за внимательность и индивидуальный подход. Замечательный доктор и массажисты. Безумно вкусная еда! Не пожалеете! Нашли себя - попали туда, где нас понимают!

Самое лучшее место — здесь,
самое лучшее время — сейчас,
самые лучшие люди — те, что здесь!)

Room Tip: Номер 8 самый большой и оригинальный. Номер 4 имеет хороший вид на сад.
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Ayurvedic stay
Slovakia... [TA], , Bratislava, Slovakia

I spent 14 days in beuatiful environment with high class Ayurveda treatment. I have nothing to complain... Nice people, great massage. I have all mu trust with Dr. Nalin. The place is full ef energy. Combined with very good yoga teacher, I can't imagine better place to get relaxed...

Ayurvedic panchakarma stay
Ulyana B [TA], ,

I really enjoyed two weeks stay at this lovely hotel. I would stay even longer! Worth to advice!
The treatment after few days brought me to more stable conditions, the relief from stress in the body. Additionally yoga practice in the morning helped me to learn something new about myself by doing meditations and harmonizing the mind.

Nevertheless it was not only about being all day in the villa, we could travel around before dinner time to the beaches, temples and the city. You can order the touk touk and visit the places for free, it was very kind of the host Asta.

For it was a best match of relaxing stay and some activity besides treatment.

The staff is very kind, always open to help!

I will definitely recommend to my friends this place.

2 weeks in For couple У романтики не обязательно должна быть форма сердца. Главное идея- Единение. Единение сущносте
Zhanna C [TA], , Dubai, United Arab Emirates

I was leaving with tears and thoughts in my mind to plan my next visit. Well, I just met there what my body and soul needed. It's a very special Ayurvedic hotel and Ayurveda is about long and happy life. Well, I had such happy two weeks. It all about balancing your body, mind, thoughts, nutrition and day routine. I had the healthiest 2 weeks of my life.
The first impression is beauty of nature all around the hotel. Trees, bushes, flowers even soft grass you can walk bare foot. What could be better for a person who lives in city of sand and concrete!
My day started with class of yoga (btw the teacher could manage group of people with different level), apart from positions he was teaching different breathing techniques.
Meal is served at certain time, lots of fruits and vegetables and sometimes fish. I never had anything left on my plate. :))) it wasn't a diet, its how according to Ayurveda we should eat daily.
At the first day of arrival i met an Ayurvedic doctor for long consultation and he was visiting daily to give treatment plan. Before i left he gave a very detailed recommendations to follow at home.
Treatments are mainly massages that are done by absolutely fantastic and professional therapists. They use herbal oils, herbs and even plants.
Once treatments are done i still had time to go to the ocean or visit near by Buddhist temples and ancient monasteries.
Owners of the hotel are giving parental care to every guest and each of the hotel staff makes everything just to please guest in a best way.
After my visit some of my friends has booked the hotel, so I would absolutely recommend to everyone.

Janna (Dubai).

Отличный релакс отдых
Elena L [TA], , Kiev, Ukraine

Peacock Villa – отличное место для тех, кто хочет отдохнуть и душой и телом. Прекрасная расслабляющая атмосфера, чудесный массаж, вкусная еда, внимательные персонал – все это было у нас при посещении виллы. Лучшие рекомендации!

Feel yourself as a very welcomed guest!
Ljubov K [TA], ,

I would certainly recommend this place for those searching for an ayurveda style vacation.

I was looking at several options in Sri Lanka and chose this villa because of several points.
First of all - friendly, full and informative answers to all my questions, always on time, even if they seemed less important. Thank you Asta for that!
Second - it was a smaller villa, not a big hotel, and its emphasis is on ayurveda treatment and ayurveda style of vacation.

The 2 things that confused me before making the final booking: weather conditions in May (I was told about the high level humidity and constant rains during the mousson season) and exceptionally positive reviews about the place which looks little bit unnatural :-) But my fears were unfounded. Level of humidity was suitable even for my elderly mother who usually has problems with the hot temperature and humid air. The hottest time of the day (approx. 11-15) we have spend having the treatments and other part was perfect for not even use a sun cream. The rooms have ventilators (no air-conditioners) but we hardly use even them, sleeping simply with open windows. During our almost 2 weeks stay rains were only twice and rain itself you can consider as an attraction. What about too many exceptionally good reviews - it is easy to understand because I'm going to write something similar ;-)

A lot is written about the peaceful location of the villa, but I should underline the word garden which is in the full name of the villa. In the center of the villa is a big mango tree under which we spent our free time reading, talking or observing nature. The way to the yoga pavilion goes through cinnamon bushes and a small pineapple plantation. Behind the house are banana palms, cashew trees and a lot of other tropical plants and beautiful flowers.

You will have your free time from approx 15/16.00 until 18.00. This you can use 1) walking to the nearest Budda temple via rice fields and talking with locals who greet you friendly on the whole journey, especially children; 2) going to swim to the lovely ocean bay; 3) having surf lessons with the great instructor Bandula (40€ / 2h lesson incl all equipment); 4) going shopping to the city centre of Dikwella; 5) visiting the very touristic temple Sleeping Budda, a 30 min drive; 6) visiting batik fabric and lighthouse in Matara, etc. Simply tell Denius (the owner of the villa) your wishes and he will do everything so you will be satisfied! Almost all of these trips are free of charge excl. long distance trips.

Ayrveda doctor and massagists (teraupeuts) were simply great. Interesting how the doctor only by observing your tongue can tell you so much information about your health. You will have personal treatments 5 to 6 times per day. Massaists are 3 young man and one woman. Highest compliments to them! They were my best massages I've ever had before. (Excluding my husbands, but don't get me wrong!) Must say all personnel did their best to make our stay at the villa happy!

Small advise - do not take a lot of clothes with you. For the treatments you will receive special clothes (with everyday change). Take something comfortable for yoga, swimming, and clothes for the evening activities.

Wi-Fi works in a common spaces but not in the bedrooms. We spent all our free time being outside in the garden and used our room only for sleeping.

You will have such a wonderful time that will want to write such a grand feedback!

Сказочное место
GalinaT82... [TA], , St. Petersburg, Russia

Очень уединенное место - небольшая вилла вдалеке от океана в горах. Тихо, уютно, красиво. Замечательный доктор и массажисты.
Из минусов - довольно однообразная еда. Блинчики за две недели были несколько раз. Все съедобно, но не очень вкусно.
Природа фантастическая................ Не пожалеете.

2 недели чудесного сна
LelPalna [TA], ,

Не прошло и года, как говорится, но села-таки за написание отчета по данному отелю)
Устав от собственной раздражительности, непроходящих простуд, регулярных стрессовых ситуаций, решила, что пора в отпуск. Причем подальше от Москвы и вообще куда-нибудь из России (иначе работа меня не отпустит, проверено). При выборе места отдыха руководствовалась тем, что там должно быть тепло, тихо, как можно меньше номеров и возможность посещать сеансы массажа. И тут я вспомнила прочитанный в начале 2014 года отзыв на сайте МояЛанка. К счастью, на запрашиваемые мной даты были свободные номера. Заказала (27.12.2014-09.01.2015), оплатила 30%.
Прилетев в Коломбо, меня встретил водитель с табличкой, на которой красовалось мое имя. Всю дорогу до виллы спала. Разбуженная и плохо соображающая после дороги, вышла из машины и была крайне удивлена тому радушному приему, с которым была встречена. Теплая улыбка, красивый мини-букетик, стакан свежевыжатого сока.. а вокруг.. В общем, эту красоту надо видеть)
Так как приехала я в районе 7 часов утра, меня тут же позвали на йогу. Да, ранее ей не занималась, но специалист привил любовь к ней (чудесный человек! надеюсь, с ним еще увидимся на том же месте в тот же час)). В дальнейшем пропустила лишь единожды (ну никак не могла проснуться))
После был завтрак (фрукты, сок), потом консультация у доктора, различные массажи, обед.. в 3 часа дня я уснула и проснулась на след.день в 7 утра, чтобы идти на йогу. Первые дни не хотелось ничего: ни экскурсий, ни поездок на пляж..я ничего почти вокруг не замечала. Видимо, организм настолько нуждался в отдыхе, покое.. За редким исключением, каждый день в 7 вечера (после ужина) ложилась спать и утром вставала под пение птиц, чтобы идти на йогу.
О еде: Знаю по себе, что этот момент играет порой решающую роль, поэтому уделю и ему внимание. Кормят хорошо, вкусно, разнообразно. Пища аюрведическая, никакого мяса, алкоголя не допускается. Чего я побаивалась, когда ехала отдыхать, что не будет рыбы. Но, на мое счастье, рыба была! По крайней мере несколько раз в неделю. Кто боится, что будет голодать, этого не будет, поверьте! Трижды в день кормят, порции большие. В обед и на ужин даже десерты были ;))
Плюс целый день вы должны пить воду, чай травяной (пропорции в Вашем случае скажет доктор на индивидуальной консультации, которые, кстати, проходят каждый день). Каждый день доктор назначает различные виды процедур (5-6 в день) в соответствии с потребностями Вашего организма, направленные на лечение. А какие там отличные массажисты!..
После процедур при желании Вы можете отправиться на пляж или на экскурсию (отвезут на тук-туке).
Эмоций до сих пор очень много, мысли сбились в кучу, поэтому буду закругляться.
Дэнис, огромное Вам спасибо за то, что Вы создали данный отель именно в том виде, в каком он существует, и именно с такими правилами пребывания в нем. У Вас я отдохнула душой и первое время по приезде отчаянно хотела обратно, но.. улыбаясь даже утром в метро)) Первые дни на работе была очень спокойна, никого не хотелось отчитывать.. в общем, пита какое-то время держалась на должном уровне)) Отдельное спасибо за новый год!

Все настолько чудесно, что..не едьте туда. когда я снова туда соберусь))

P.S. "...я сюда еще вернусь, мне бы только выбрать день.."

Room Tip: Домики одноэтажные, номера, которые я видела, все хорошие. Так что..даже посоветовать нечего))
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